Professor Aimy Bazylak (photo by Jeremy Sale)

Aimy Bazylak receives 2024 Dorothy Killam Fellowship

Aimy Bazylak, a professor in the department of mechanical and industrial engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, is among the recipients of a .

Awarded by the National Research Council, Dorothy Killam Fellowships support scholars whose groundbreaking research stands to have a significant impact in their respective fields on a national or global scale. They are valued at $80,000 per year for a total of two years.

Bazylak and her research group are advancing clean energy technologies by developing new catalyst-coated membranes to overcome cost and durability challenges of fuel cells, water electrolyzers and CO2 electrolyzers.   

“I am tremendously honoured to receive this fellowship,” says Bazylak, who holds a Canada Research Chair in Clean Energy. “The two years of dedicated time to focus on my research is an invaluable opportunity to move our work forward at a pace that would not otherwise be possible.”  

Christopher Yip, dean of the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering, said Bazylak’s research “opens doors to new collaborations, both nationally and globally, and will bring us closer to creating sustainable and thriving global communities.”